Sugar Wax Cannabis Concentrate. What Is It and How to Use It?


As cannabis becomes legal in more states, more new cannabis products keep popping up on the market. As a cannabis company, we assume that the influx of products, especially the varieties of concentrates now on the market, must confuse the average consumer if it confuses us. With a wide range of concentrates available, and new ones pop up left and right, differing in their extraction process, form, shape, and texture, we decided it was time to talk about concentrates—specifically, Sugar Wax. 

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax, or also referred to as simply 'sugar,' is a cannabis concentrate. Its name comes from its consistency: like wet sugar that hasn't been fully dissolved. One of the purest marijuana products, sugar wax, is high in THC, ranging from 60% to 90%.  With high THC content, concentrates like sugar wax are often used to overcome high tolerances and provide the high cannabis consumers are looking for. 

Many get sugar wax confused with Shatter, which makes sense because the two are created using the same extraction method. The consistency and sugary texture of Sugar Wax are what differentiate it from Shatter. With its grainy texture, Sugar Wax is rich in flavor, and because it is thicker, it is often easier to handle than other concentrates. 

Sugar wax can be created both on accident and purpose. How? Well, sugar wax can develop over time when the lipids in the wax begin to break down and separate from the cannabinoids, thus causing the wax to crystallize. Today, dabbers tend to prefer sugar wax's flavor profile and texture, and therefore, some concentrate manufacturers intentionally produce it. 

How is Sugar Wax Made? 

To create sugar wax, cannabis producers utilize a more solid way of extracting THC into concentrates. Creating sugar wax typically includes, butane extraction, however,  other  solvents, like ethanol, are also common. However, it is important to note that  butane makes  sugar wax a project that isn't recommended for your average DIY project. 

Comparable to the process of making shatter, sugar wax is refined by employing heat purging and vacuuming. This method formulates sugar wax's 'sugary' texture. Additionally, doing so allows both the THC or CBD to crystallize while preserving the terpene profile. THC extraction into sugar wax concentrate is very comparable to how sugar is extracted from sugarcane, which gives sugar wax its name and resemblance.

How is Sugar Wax Different?

There are a few things that make sugar wax different (and more preferable!) As a marijuana concentrate, sugar wax has a rich and complex flavor profile. Typically, sugar wax comes in a cube-like shape made up of crystals that make it easier to work with than other concentrates, less sticky, and less messy. 

How Do You Smoke Sugar Wax? 

If you're interested in consuming Sugar Wax, you do so by ingesting it the same way as most concentrates: dabbing, heating it, and inhaling the vapor. Typically, sugar wax can also be applied as a topper for a bowl, pipe, or bong. 

Where to Buy Sugar Wax

When you're ready to give Sugar Wax a try, you should start with the very best. Here are our company suggestions of Sugar Wax you should try when you shop at Chalice Farms

Cloud Cover 

As a premier cultivation state, Oregon’s discerning cannabis consumers have high expectations when it comes to the quality and purity of their flower. Cloud Cover welcomes this challenge, continually proving that their flower far surpasses the benchmark for inclusion into the state’s highest cannabis tier. From its inception, Cloud Cover has maintained the philosophy that everything starts with the flower, highlighting the fact that personalized plant care and attention play dramatically in improving the end product. Their tagline “FOR THE LOVE OF FLOWER”, aptly reflects this sentiment. 

Mana Extracts 

Founded in 2017 by several like-minded entrepreneurs, Mana strives to be one of Oregon's cannabis industry leaders. They have worked tirelessly to "Find their Mana" and perfect their craft, but like most cannabis companies and farms, they dealt with setbacks and stumbled along the way. But, in this case, what doesn't kill you truly makes you stronger, because they have since learned from their mistakes and have built a stronger foundation as a company. Along the way, they have consistently made high-quality products at an affordable price.