Medicinal legacy, modern innovation

Enrich your wellness routine with pure, honest, full-spectrum cannabis. Using a proprietary, organic grain ethanol-based extraction process developed in partnership with medical doctors in the state of Washington, we remove chlorophyll and other impurities to produce the cleanest, most pure cannabis concentrates and cartridges on the market.  Our method allows us to capture the plant's full range of bioactive compounds, including flavonoids, phenols, fatty acids, and, most importantly, various terpenes and cannabinoids in their most natural acid form. 

Ethanol Extracted
Diverse Consumption Options
No additives. Ever.
Polar & non-polar compounds are preserved
Proprietary Purification Process


RXO Patch

Target Relief & Support on the Go

In partnership with Dr. Dean Clark, the RXO Patch delivers pain relief backed by science. To create this patch, we Mary-ied the healing properties of cannabis with the naturally occurring energetic frequencies within our bodies. Forget putting yet another substance into your body! Instead, grab an RXO x Dr. Dean's Patch that produces the healing properties our bodies need to rebalance and intercept pain pathways for easily obtainable and discreet pain management. See ya never aches and pains; we're going to put a patch on it and keep going! 


RXO Cartridge

Single Source Extract | Consistent & Easy Dosing | Half Non-decarbed to Preserve Terpene and Cannabinoid Profile. 

Perfect for users eager for a holistic crafted cartridge or those looking to replace their distillate, our RXO cartridge is currently the only RSO cart in Oregon.


RXO Tanker

Created originally for those suffering from cancer, the RXO Tanker provides an optimal experience for medical and recreational consumers alike. A full-spectrum cannabis concentrate experience with both topical and edible uses! 

No B.S. Only the good stuff. 

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