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1g Dab

Peace Puck

These full gram extracts are strain specific with two unique consistencies: Sugar Sauce and Crumble! Made with the same groovy quality from Private Stash that you know and love. Strains and dosages will vary.

So get your Private Stash Peace Puck, and peace out!

5g Pre Roll

Groovy Doobie

This is a doobie that is worthy of its name as it is tightly packed with five grams of strain specific premium cannabis and is equipped with a spiral cone tip for maximum enjoyment! Delivering a unique inhale and an ultra-smooth smoking experience, this doobie is made for sharing with friends or for solo heavy hitters. So go ahead, get groovy.

Inspired by the good ole days of cannabis

Fruit Chews


Say hello to your new sidekick! Our Private Stash Blasts are packed with 100mg of THC. Available in nine amazing distillate infused flavors, and three RSO infused flavors. From Tropic like it's Hot, to You're a Fineapple, you are sure to find a flavor and effect just for you! 

All chews are gluten free, vegan, and made with beet sugar.

Great flavor, high potency


Legacy Strains

Remember the good ole days? When all you needed was a little bit of peace, love, and weed? We’re bringing back those days with a line of seven iconic legacy strains that started it all. So go ahead, and puff, puff, pass and meet our strains: OG Kush, Maui Wowie, AK47, Jack and more!

Pay homage to the original flower strains

Pre Rolls

Stash Sticks

These distillate-infused pre-rolls offer the same amazing fruit flavors of the Private Stash line! These Stash Sticks are wrapped into a 1g pre-roll and are available in a five pack of 1/2g pre-rolls.

Premium flower with a groovy twist


Flavored Carts

Offering a tasty and potent fruit-flavor, our Private Stash flavored cartridges provide a unique vaping experience that tastes and smells like one of our ten fun fruit flavors! From Strawberry is my Jam to Berry Blackberry and more, check out the video below for more information!

A one-of-a-kind vaping experience


Liquid Blasts

Our Private Stash Liquid Blasts pack a major punch! These little bottles contain 250mg of THC, and are offered in the same delicious fruit flavors of Private Stash you know and love. With a dosing line on the side of the bottle, you are sure to be elevated in the tastiest way. 

Little bottle, big punch

Spring Has Sprung!

All you need is your very own Private Stash.