Chews Better

All of our chews are made with locally sourced organic fruit puree, unique additive ingredient blends and sweetened primarily with beet sugar so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

Gluten, vegan, dairy-free and soy-free. Made with real fruit puree, beet sugar and sunflower lecithin. No artificial colors or flavors.


R&R like a boss

Sometimes you just need a minute. With our high CBD to THC Lemon Ginger chews, you’ll get your minute and some. A bomb of flavor that combines a pop of crisp lemon with a kick of spicy ginger, these chews create the ultimate physical and mental recovery experience.


Find your sun...and your moon

Tastes like a rewarding acai bowl after an invigorating yoga session, Acai Berry 1:1 fruit chew combines superfoods goji berry and elderberry for a total-body wellness experience.


Afternoon pick me up

Having trouble finding the energy to get up and go? Our Tangerine Fruit Chews are here to save the day. A blast of tangerine sweetness with 5mg THC per chew, you’ll have everyone asking how you do it all.

Feel Well, Live Well

No bitter lemons here

Kid Cudi puts it best: “Struggle is the enemy, weed is the remedy.” Get the recovery you need from the quintessential west coast flavors you know and love Marionberry Lemon. Tart and tangy, these chews give you as much delicious flavor as it does euphoric chill.

Sleep Well, Dream Well

Counting sheep? Tell them they’re fired

Fall asleep so fast and hard, you won’t even care if the bed bugs bite. Chalice Farms Chamomile Peach chews combine mellow and honey-like chamomile with mild but sweet peach flavors for a chew that gives you the ability to catch those zzz’s sheep-free when you need them.


Rest easy...

Get the sleep and total relaxation your mind and body desperately need. Tastes and feels like a tropical vacation with a delicious combination of mellow, honey-like chamomile and earthy passionflower.


Find yourself calm with a side of cool and collected

Don’t find your zen, let your zen find you. With 10mg CBD and 5mg THC per chew, our Kiwi Strawberry chews combine juicy strawberry and tart kiwi to make fruity, delicious chew that lets you sit back and relax in the ultimate state of relaxation. 

You’re going to like these apples

Tasty AF, these are our CBD Green Apple Chews are the most delicious way to medicate and find inner peace. Each mouth-watering fruit chews contains 50 mg of CBD and a blast sour and sweet delicious green apple flavor.


Make it cherry-licious

Enjoy a euphoric experience free of any social anxiety with Chalice Farms Black Cherry chews. Succulent, soft, and juicy, Black Cherry delivers the perfect THC-only option.