Wishing you a Badder Holiday

Confused or think we're being mean with our wishes? Think not! We're actually being incredibly kind if we say so ourselves. But if you can't read between the lines, we're trying to say that you should try badder this holiday season.

WHAT IS BADDER? Some may refer to it as badder; others may call it batter. Ultimately, they're the same thing. Badder is a cannabis concentrate known for it's smooth and malleable consistency. It's like really, really delicious cake frosting: light, airy, and whipped. Like most cannabis concentrates, badder is created by soaking cannabis in solvents, like butane, isopropyl, alcohol, or ice water. Unlike other concentrates, badder is formed immediately after the agitation of cannabinoids while extracting when they begin crystallizing. 

DO I SMOKE IT? Yes! But, like all cannabis products, everyone has their own preference when it comes to to smoking badder. While badder is smokeable using traditional methods, most cannabis experts use dab rigs. 

WHY SHOULD I TRY BADDER? If you have been in the cannabis community for a while, you know that concentrates are typically 2-3 times higher than even really, really strong flower. So, smoking badder inherently means getting pretty high, pretty fast. Of course, how high you get is ultimately dependent on the strain of cannabis utilized to create the badder.

READY TO GIVE IT A TRY? WE THOUGHT SO. If you're looking to give badder a try this holiday season, we don't blame you; it's incredible. Of course, we have a brand in mind that will make your experience all the merrier: Highland Provisions. Highland Provisions means it when they say bring the spirit of the outdoors into their products. With a sealed facility, they successful minimize water usage and keep their products naturally pathogen-free. And as if that's not enough, to bring out the best in every strain they cultivate, they dedicate separate cultivation zones that allow for customized environmental, nutrient, and canopy management practices. 

With a lofty standard for ecological stewardship, Highland cultivates experiences that elevate everything you do. There's genuinely no company out there better for getting badder!

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