The Holiday Eight

Does anyone else feel sorry for Santa's Reindeer? Hear us out: they work tirelessly all night long for Santa. And what does Santa do? He takes all of the credit, shamelessly munching down on an unhealthy amount of milk and cookies while the hard-working four-legged animals get... carrots. Not even a side of hummus. Rough? We think so. If that isn’t enough, somehow, Rudolph gets his own song and is praised for his light-up nose, but according to “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Rudolph doesn’t even make the journey. Shall we go on or have we made our point? That’s what we thought. This year, we want to bring a little love and appreciation to the reindeers who deserve it, so, with a bit of research (and by research, we mean creative thinking), we’ve discovered the reindeer’s personalities and what cannabis strains they’d be. While investigating make-believe reindeer, we turned to none other than Rogue River Family Farms. A family-owned cannabis farm, Rogue River goes above and beyond to pro-vide the best sun-grown cannabis on the market. Seriously, they’re Certified Kind and do more than what is required to receive that lofty title when harvesting and producing their premium cannabis. In our minds, it was a no-brainer matching our reindeer with strains from Rogue River. The best de-serve the best. Without further ado, let’s meet the reindeer and their strains.

1. Dasher: A real speed demon. At Sleigh Buck, his reindeer high school, Dasher holds the records in virtually every cross country and track and field event. To keep up with this energetic reindeer you will need Rogue River's Tangelo strain that gets your heart rate up! Whether it's running a marathon or a movie marathon this strain will keep you going. 

2. Dancer: It's a real bummer nobody thought to cast this reindeer in "Happy Feet" because we're pretty confident could beat every penguin in a good, old-fashioned dance-off. A little bit of Rogue River's Magic Melon Strain, and you'll be feeling like Magic Mike. Don't believe us? Try it yourself.

3. Prancer: Prancer is a little more aloof, some may say arrogant, but once you get to know him you'll find he has a carefree spirit. Get in touch with your inner carefree Prancer with a bit of help from Strawberry Guava. This tasty strain will have you in a euphoric haze that will melt away any stress or tension.

4. Vixen: The Scarlett Johansson of reindeer, Vixen is equal parts beauty and intelligence. Channel your inner Vixen with a little help from Double Dream. A strain that allows you to get into a dreamy state while maintaining your clear-headed functionality, this Rouge River strain will mute pain, anxiety, and stress while allowing you to feel your very best.   

5.  Comet: While she means well, Comet isn't always all there, and it's a good thing that Santa does have reins on this reindeer. Let yourself get lost for a bit with Rudeboi OG. This strain is for it's potent effects, and will envelop your mind and body with sublime relaxation. Okay Comet, we see you.

6. Cupid: This little matchmaker has been trying to setup Vixen and Comet for years, but if you're asking us, we don't think it's going to workout. Take on Cupid's positive outlook for a bit with GMO. Cross of the equally notorious Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg strains, GMO is a heavy hitter that will leave a smile on your face, and will be sure to help you forget all about that matchmaking heartbreak.

7. Donner: Anything that can rock the name Donner is a one-of-a-kind creature, even in reindeer. Donner is the life of the party and the karaoke king. He might forget the words, he might be off-key, but Donner makes up for all of this with the soul he puts into his songs. That's why Donner is definitely a pack of Cassette Classics, whether Rock, Jazz, or his own Mixtape he's got good times and good joints to share.

8. Blitzen: Famous for his electrifying personality, Blitzen knows how to work a room. Sure, Donner is the life of the party but Blitzen is a conversationalist that makes sure everyone knows he's there. When he needs to chill out and take a breath, Blitzen always keeps his Dutch Treat on hand...or hoof? 


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