Terpene Tuesday: Phytol!

Happy Terpene Tuesday!

Today’s Terpene: Phytol

Pronunciation: fahy-tawl

What is Phytol found in?

Green Tea and Cannabis

What does Phytol smell like?

Grassy, Balsamic, Faintly Floral

What strains are pre-dominantly Phytol heavy?

Sour Diesel, Cheese, Strawberry Diesel, Jack Herer 

What effects/benefits does Phytol offer?

 As we near the end of our terpene Tuesday blog posts the terpenes we analyze quickly become rarer and rarer. Phytol is one of those terpenes that shows up in trace amounts but with the combination of the plant matter and the Entourage Effect this terpene can provide some powerful benefits and provide relief for various ailments. Phytol is uniquely used as a precursor in the manufacturing of synthetic vitamins such as E and K1. This terpene also is a food additive to spices, extracts, food colorings, and flavorings. In addition, the chlorophyll in plants is also derived from Phytol. Lastly, Phytol is most commonly used in cannabis as a cutting agent for vape pens specifically. 

Phytol can provide relief for body pain as well as mental pain and can help ease and reduce anxiety as well as anxiety related symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and sleep related issues. Phytol can act as a sedative and can be helping with insomnia as well as falling and staying asleep. Phytol is also helpful as an antioxidant, anti-tumor, and anticonvulsant. Through the brains use of the GABA neurotransmitter, Phytol has shown promise for anxiety and anticonvulsant medication, as well as the ability to act as a seizure reducer.

Phytol can help decrease tumor growth and can be helpful for liver and breast cancer specifically. It also has the ability to fight off certain parasites whether that be body or plant related. Phytol as a terpene also can help aid those with heart diseases and neurogenerative disorders. Lastly, Phytol has been looked as a candidate for the treatment or prevention of oxidative stress mediated disease.





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