Terpene Tuesday: Camphene!

Happy Terpene Tuesday!

Today’s Terpene: Camphene

Pronunciation:  ˈkam-ˌfēn 

What is Camphene found in?

Camphor, Pine, Fir, Cypress, Spruce, Citronella, Neroli, Ginger, Rosemary, Sage, Valerian, Fennel, Dill

What does Camphene smell like?

Forest floor, Wet pine needles, Wet earth, fir

What strains are pre-dominantly Camphene heavy?

White Widow, White Cookies, Bruce Banner, Wonka Bars, NYC Diesel, Pink Kush, OG Kush

What effects/benefits does Camphene offer?

Camphene may be a simple secondary terpene, but it is a powerhouse! Offering many useful benefits and effects and provides relief for pain, stress, heart health, skin conditions and more. Historically Camphene was used medicinally but was also used in the 19th century as an ingredient to help fuel lamps. Now, Camphene is an ingredient in citronella to help provide light while also fending off bugs and pests.

Camphene is commonly found in cannabis but is usually below 0.2% but there are some exceptions! Working in tandem with the Entourage Effect, Camphene is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant! Camphene has the ability to fight infections while reducing inflammation and stress. When combined with Vitamin C, Camphene is a powerful antioxidant that’s naturally capable of treating stress. So, strains that are high in Camphene can help provide useful effects for those that struggle with anxiety, anxiety disorders, other mental health ailments, and for coping with general daily stressors. 

Camphene is also useful as an analgesic or as a pain reliever and can provide relief to those that suffer from pain inducing ailments, sore muscles, headaches, and more. Camphene is also being researched for its ability to reduce plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels and its usefulness to heart health and cardiovascular diseases. Camphene has also been said to be helpful as an antifungal and can be used to treat athlete’s foot. This terpene also can be effective for skin care and is said when applied topically to offer a cooling sensation. Can be useful for sunburns and other skin related ailments.





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