Terpene Tuesday: Bisabolol!

Happy Terpene Tuesday!

Today’s Terpene is: Bisabolol

Pronunciation: Bi·sa·ba·lawl

What does Bisabolol smell like?

Fresh floral, sweet hint of spice and citrus, nutty, peppery

What is Bisabolol found in?

Chamomile, Honey, Apples, Sage

What strains are pre-dominantly Bisabolol heavy?

OG Kush, ACDC, Super Sour D, Lavender, Harle- Tsu

What effects/benefits does Bisabolol offer?

Bisabolol is usually found in smaller amounts compared to some other terpenes but is found in THC, CBD, and 1:1 dominant strains. Bisabolol is a strong component of the Entourage Effect but provides a variety of benefits that are typically linked to CBD and its catalytic ability to work synergistically with THC. This can be said for its presence in cannabis flower as well as topical lotions and salves. A major benefit of this terpene is its anti-inflammation and deep skin penetrating capabilities.

One of the other better benefits and effects that Bisabolol offers is its ability to aid in anxiety and overall help reduce anxious behavior. This can be due to Bisabolol’s capacity to influence GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors in the brain. This slows down nerve transmission and induces relaxation. With its ability to induce relaxation, another benefit of Bisabolol is its aptitude to relief insomnia. With the combination of these things alone will help promote a better well-being and it doesn’t stop there!

As mentioned above, Bisabolol has been found to provide anti-inflammatory properties and ultimately help reduce inflammation in tandem with the Entourage Effect. Bisabolol may help aid in any inflammatory ailments, including kidney and liver disease as well as skin conditions, irritations, and wound healing. This has to do with its anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and analgesic effects and its ability to penetrate deeper skin layers than most other compounds.

This terpene also has been found to have gastro-protective effects and can help protect the digestive system from damage. Its use outside of cannabis is usually in the form of chamomile extract, which relays similar effects with inflammation and relaxation. Overall is extremely effective for internal inflammation with vital organs including our bodies largest organ: skin!

In tandem to Bisabolol’s ability to reduce inflammation it is also a great pain reliever. Whether inhaled, ingested, or used topically this terpene can help relief joint pain, muscle pain, neuro-pain, mental pain and just overall body pain. Bisabolol has also been said to help aid in cancer treatments and its found to kill acute leukemia cells. However, the only research that has been done has been on animals.





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