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Into the Weeds at Bald Peak

We took a trek over to Bald Peak Farms, our grow facility, to catch up with some of the people responsible for our favorite flower. This 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art cannabis farm is located at the highest point on Chehalem Mountain, far above the pollutants found in urban areas. Read on to find out what makes Bald Peak Flower so amazing, then swing by one of our retail shops to sample some for yourself!

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Outta Sight!

Throughout history, fashion trends have come and gone. With changes in technology, politics, and values, fashion is often a visual representation of our cultural...

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New Product from Highland Provisions - Hash Rosin Gummies!

Highland Provisions operates out of 3 pillars: Cultivate, Educate, Elevate. They focus a lot on their cultivation processes and practices so as to produce products that help properly elevate all types of consumers. They also spend a lot of time and energy educating their team members, the consumers, and fellow industry workers! Making Highland Provisions a must try!

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Garden First puts the Earth First!

Garden First’s motto is “Grower Owned and Operated” and they value their impact on the environment, Earth, and Mother Nature above all else! In their minds they believe that the environment that they create for their plants encompasses more than just temperature, humidity, feed regiment, sustainable practices, but also the energy that exists within the Garden First facility!

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Belushi's Farm

Belushi's Farm 2.0

Belushi’s Farm is coming in hot this year. To address the issues that resulted in a challenging growing season, Chris Karakosta, farm general manager, turned to a cannabis cultivation consultant for guidance. Now, the farm has been entirely overhauled with state-of-the-art greenhouses furnished with Fuse LED grow lights.

Created as a gateway to healing, Belushi's Farm has been cultivating sun-grown, all-natural, rigorously tested cannabis since its purchase in 2015. What started as a 48-plant crop farm, Jim's farm is now a thriving cannabis business, especially since its overhaul. Belushi’s Farm 2.0 just celebrated its first harvest since the new updates, and Jim Belushi himself is now a believer in the latest technology.

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Roll, Roll, Roll Your Joint

Joints are arguably the most iconic way to consume can nabis. Small and portable, you can take them anywhere and spark up where you please. And they’re the best way to get even closer to your friends, there is nothing like a little puff, puff pass! To help you and your friends create an undeniable bond this summer, we’re going to teach you how to roll a joint!

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Get the Good Stuff

Today, buying cannabis is easy. But it’s still hard to tell the difference between good and bad weed. We’ve made a cheat sheet on what to look for (you're welcome). 

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Go Girls, Go Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation has historically been a male-dominated industry, but it's time to change that. More and more women are entering the cannabis game and breaking the glass ceiling. 

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Cannabis Then & Now | White Label Extracts

Even though cannabis has been a part of America's culture since our nation's beginning, the ‘60s and ‘70s are the eras most iconically associated with weed. We can all picture happy hippies passing joints and living their best lives. The counter culture movement gained traction in a way we’d never seen, inspiring large, peaceful gatherings like Woodstock and the Human Be-in, where cannabis consumption was enjoyed en masse. Although the ‘70s were a totally blazing time, the bud they enjoyed was a far cry from the craft cannabis available today.

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Far Out Fondue | Hapy Kitchen

The popularity of crockpots exploded in the early ‘70s, as more women were entering the work force and had less time to cook at home. But this kitchen  wonder shouldn’t be just for easy or make-ahead meals! Make crockpots fun again by adding a secret ingredient: THC! Perfect for your inevitable 420 par ties or a chill movie night, you’ll serve your crew a sweet treat they won’t forget. 

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