Smoke Like a Girl

Run like a girl. Throw like a girl. Cry like a girl. At one time, these comments were intended to hurt the recipient, but these days, they're hollow meaningless words. Because if you ask us, women run the world.

In recent years, demand for more female representation in the workplace has continued to increase. This increase has created a struggle for gender inequality in most industries, especially at the leadership level. However, the cannabis industry has been, since even its early days, a model to other sectors thanks to our impressive number of female executives in nearly every facet of the market.

But, before we pat ourselves on the back, we need to remember that this win for women can change quickly. Because, with a few years of legalization under our belt, the cannabis industry has demonstrated its enormous potential to make some serious money, and thus, more and more corporate and "big" players are stepping into the field. And with them comes their outdated gender discrimination and disparity.

With our industry's potential still not even close to being fulfilled, we look to the women who are setting a standard and breaking the glass ceiling for women in cannabis everywhere. The women of Meraki Gardens are some of these women.

A female-owned and family-operated indoor garden, Meraki Gardens passion for organic cultivation. Their farms are both Clean Green, and Kosher certified. Being mindful of the environment and their impact on the Earth is part of their everyday practice. Thus, they focus on sustainable growing practices and regularly uncover ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to the sustainable and technical aspects, Meraki pours love and care into cultivating their flower. Daily, Meraki growers purposely make daily physical contact with their plants, walking in the garden and gently brushing the leaves with their hands. The farm also installed a speaker system that plays music, transmitting vibrations to promote peaceful, healthful development. Before each harvest, Meraki leads employees in a group meditation and blessing of the plants.

Today, Meraki Gardens has a plethora of strains in its genetic catalog and continues to work to find more strains to help solve medical issues. All in all, Meraki Gardens is the future of cannabis which should come as no surprise, seeing as it is woman-founded.

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