Small But Major

Small but Major

The smallest, yet most powerful! Quickly becoming Washington State's #1 THC beverage, as well as taking Oregon by storm, MAJOR's Sunset Pink Lemonade is a delightfully citrus cannabis beverage. Providing an equally sweet and tart flavor, this cannabis drinks effects kick in right from the very first sip. Like a fruity cocktail at the end of a bright, sunny day, the buzz will have you laughing, smiling, and feeling a new kind of way. With 5 amazing flavors to choose from you are sure to find a flavor you love! Also offered in Orange Mango, Grape, Passionfruit and Blue Raspberry. 

Small but Major is an understatement. These drinks may be small, but they pack a punch AND have endless possibilities that make your experience even more enjoyable. Each Major Drink has a measuring tool on the side of each bottle, so you are able to see how much you are consuming! Giving increments of 10mg you can measure and control your high depending on your milligram tolerance. Whether it's 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, or the whole 100mg! All drinks are also water soluble, meaning they mix really well with other substances. Whether you enjoy the delicious flavor on it's own or make a fun mixer, these drinks are tasty and versatile!  

Fun summer trick: Throw your favorite flavored Major drink in the freezer and have a refreshing infused slushy for those hot summer days! 





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