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The Holiday Eight

Does anyone else feel sorry for Santa's Reindeer? Hear us out: they work tirelessly all night long for Santa. And what does Santa do? He takes all of the credit, shamelessly munching down on an unhealthy amount of milk and cookies while the hard-working four-legged animals get... carrots. Not even a side of hummus. Rough? We think so. If that isn’t enough, somehow, Rudolph gets his own song and is praised for his light-up nose, but according to “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Rudolph doesn’t even make the journey. Shall we go on or have we made our point? That’s what we thought. This year, we want to bring a little love and appreciation to the reindeers who deserve it, so, with a bit of research (and by research, we mean creative thinking), we’ve discovered the reindeer’s personalities and what cannabis strains they’d be. While investigating make-believe reindeer, we turned to none other than Rogue River Family Farms. A family-owned cannabis farm, Rogue River goes above and beyond to pro-vide the best sun-grown cannabis on the market. Seriously, they’re Certified Kind and do more than what is required to receive that lofty title when harvesting and producing their premium cannabis. In our minds, it was a no-brainer matching our reindeer with strains from Rogue River. The best de-serve the best. Without further ado, let’s meet the reindeer and their strains.

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Hostess Presents...They Won't Grön About

The holidays are filled with a lot of things, holiday parties being one of them. According to etiquette books, the polite thing to do when attending these parties is to come with a gift to show the host just how much you appreciate their hospitality. This holiday season, we are firm believers that Grön edibles are that perfect gift. Sure, you might think that edibles don't exactly scream hostess presents, but we’re not just talking about any edibles. You see, Grön edibles are a whole different story. Known for creating products that empower, enlighten and leave the world a little bit better, Grön goes above and beyond when making cannabis goodies. From sourcing quality ingredients to testing their products rigorously, Grön pours a ton of time, love, and care into each treat they produce. That doesn’t even begin to explain why Grön edibles make the perfect holiday hostess present. To enlighten you further, check out this compelling list of reasons to gift Grön at your next party!

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