Outta Sight!

Throughout history, fashion trends have come and gone. With changes in technology, politics, and values, fashion is often a visual representation of our cultural transformations. And one era that clearly stands out for its iconic trends is the ‘70s.

But, not everything iconic will stand the test of time. We’ve all seen photos and thought, “How did that trend come about? Who would be bold enough to make that fashion choice? They must have been really, really stoned.” They were obviously partaking in some high-quality bud. We decided to look into it with the help of our favorite strains from Bald Peak. As a producer of craft cannabis, Bald Peak delivers primo weed, the kind of top-quality crop that might justify wearing the ‘70s most outrageous outfits.

Vinyl Jumpsuits

Using the restroom must have been a pain in the you-know-what. Was looking futuristic really that trendy? This means they were definitely on Bald Peaks' sativa dominant hybrid, MAC #3. A strain that looks and smells as good as it tastes, MAC #3 creates an uplifting, imaginative experience without slowing you down. It can easily put you in a far-out mindset, convincing you to rock a vinyl jump- suit all night long. Take a hit and hold it, because you’re sure not getting your outfit off anytime soon!

Country Style Hats

We’re big fans of hats, but there's some- thing about these particular hats that leaves us scratching our heads. Perhaps we're triggered because the man on the cover of "Where the Red Fern Grows" is wearing one. Only under the influence of Bald Peaks' Hazmat OG can someone hold their head high in a lid like this. Why? Because Hazmat OG gives users a rush of energy while also delivering a spacy buzz, precisely what you need to don this daring trend: to be out of this world.

Denim Outfits

Even though they were years after the ‘70s denim fashion trend had come and gone, Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake seem to be the only two people who can make denim-on-denim out- fits iconic. A look that goes against every fashion rule out there, someone who wore this outfit was clearly partaking in Bald Peaks' Dosi D’oh. If you're going to pull this look off, you have to be so relaxed and chill nothing will bother you, which is exactly what Dosi D’oh delivers.

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