New Product from Highland Provisions - Hash Rosin Gummies!

Highland Provisions operates out of 3 pillars: Cultivate, Educate, Elevate. They focus a lot on their cultivation processes and practices so as to produce products that help properly elevate all types of consumers. They also spend a lot of time and energy educating their team members, the consumers, and fellow industry workers! Making Highland Provisions a must try!

They operate out of a facility that is 3.600 feet above sea level in Bend, Oregon! Highland Provisions brings in the spirit of the outdoors into all of their cannabis products. Their facility is sealed to minimize water usage and thus keep their products pathogen- free. They even have separate cultivation zones to allow for a customized environmental, nutrient and canopy management to be able to bring out the best in each of their strains. All of their products are pesticide and fungicide-free, now this we can get behind!

One the things that Highland Provisions does well, is produce amazing solventless concentrates. They are hand crafted to the some pretty high-quality standards and they offer 5 options: Connoisseur Bubble Hash, Original Live Rosin Fresh Press, Classic Live Rosin Badder, Premium Live Rosin Budder, and Premium Live Rosin Jam. They use a completely solventless production that combines an expert application of heat and pressure with an advanced curing that can capture pure terpene profiles!

Now with their amazing concentrates already established, Highland Provisions took it a step further and infused gummies with their solventless Hash Rosin! They are available in 3 amazing flavors Blackberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Mango. With 5 gummies in each tin at 10mg each these tasty gummies don’t need a full activation time for you to start feeling the effects. A gentle and happy high that starts behind the eyes and settles into your whole body, these gummies equally offer medicinal effects as well as fun recreational qualities. These gummies are a must try! If you’re a fan of edibles, dabs, and cannabis in general this is the product for you. Tolerance not at 10mg? Just bite it in half!

Available at any Chalice Branded location, pick up and try today!

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