Keep Calm and OreKron On

Is there anything worse than a hangover? Okay, we know there are many things out there worse than a hangover, but we can all agree hangovers are rough. The nausea, the headache, the thirst that you can't quench, combined with the sensitivity to light, sweating, and weakness? Ugh, all this hangover talk has us wanting to swear we'll never drink again.

Now that we have you in that anti-drinking train of thought, couple the above hangover symptoms with the magic of the holidays and ask yourself: will your holidays really be that enjoyable if you're concerned that every hiccup will be followed by a need to run to the bathroom? Will opening presents really be that magical if your pounding head can hardly stand the Christmas music? We didn't think so.

This year, instead of lying on the couch unable to even watch TV thanks to your crippling hangover, forget playing Russian roulette with alcohol and go straight for the good stuff: weed. And while you're at it, might we suggest OreKron cannabis? One of our favorite Orekron strains to help you fully enjoy the holiday season is Skywalker OG! This Indica strain has a pungent and gassy aroma that hits hard to help you achieve a full body high, perfect for winding down. 

Founded in 2012, OreKron is the brainchild of two cannabis advocates, Conor Carey and Richard Nicklas, who made it their mission to deliver the best flower at the best value to Oregon consumers. Together, with over 35 years of cannabis growing experience under their belts, they headed into their greenhouse and grew the plants they love the most: cannabis. A perfect example of their passion for the plant is their LA Cheese strain. Achieving the ideal cheesy and slightly spicy aroma and flavor, this hybrid strain produces potent relaxing and calming effects.  

Today they are known for growing some of the finest recreational flower on the market. They specialize in cultivating light-deprivation flowers year-round utilizing climate-controlled greenhouses that use blackout capability and the power of the sun. The product? Cannabis with fine indoor quality without the indoor price. Head to one of our locations and grab an eighth of their Purple Hindu Kush. With a complex sour aroma and deeply relaxing effects this strain will help calm down without feeling any of the aches and pains this holiday season throws at you. 

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