Into the Weeds at Bald Peak

We took a trek over to Bald Peak Farms, our grow facility, to catch up with some of the people responsible for our favorite flower. This 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art cannabis farm is located at the highest point on Chehalem Mountain, far above the pollutants found in urban areas. Read on to find out what makes Bald Peak Flower so amazing, then swing by one of our retail shops to sample some for yourself!

Anthony Paparelli -Cultivation Technician

Anthony has been with Chalice since April of 2021, coming to us just down the hill from Bald Peak at Yerba Buena. Having a true love and passion for horticulture and garden cultivation in general, Anthony decided to apply this passion to cannabis cultivation. Turning a plant into medicine with an enthusiasm for soil, nutrients, increasing yields, water resources and more has helped Anthony push Bald Peak to what it is today

Chalice Farms: Tell us about growing on the top of a mountain?

Anthony: Elevation doesn’t always help. There are some benefits and also some things that aren’t as great. We had a good January because we are above the clouds and it was sunny and nice up on the mountain. But we get ice storms in the winter, the power will go out, and it can create a mess of problems.

CF: How are you watering the plants?

AP: We are all hand watering right now. There are 2100 plants at any one given time in just the flower house. Meghan and Derek always say: “If you follow the hose, you’ll find Anthony.”

CF: What strain are you most excited about?

AP: Probably our Platinum Kush Breath, it’s just super frosty and has amazing bud structure.

CF: What made you want to grow cannabis?

AP: I taught a group of elementary school kids STEM (science, technology, engi- neering, and mathematics) and how to apply that in a garden setting. I learned to grow a garden there and developed a love for horticulture. And then I got an opportunity to be in Oregon and learn about growing cannabis.

CF: What are your top priorities?

AP: With our climate we look at flower- ing time. This is the main one, along with plant and bud structure, quality, and smell. And we have to watch out for pests and pathogens like botrytis (gray mold) and mites. The weather outside affects the climate inside, and the mites ramp up when it starts to get warm.

CF: What would you say that you guys do well?

AP: What we do well is plant maintenance. We spend a lot of time making sure the plants are pruned and trellised. It’s time consuming but it’s so beneficial and produces a better product.

 Tour the Farm:


Most of our plants start out here. We control everything from the humidity to photosynthesis. Not all plants make it past this stage, we’re looking for specific qualities in each strain, which can differ based on the growing environments.


This is where the plants are housed until they grow big enough to be transplanted into 10 gallon pots. We use LED light bulbs which give off a gentle, blue light spectrum, allowing the plants to develop a root base and to get acclimated. They stay here for about a week before being transferred to the veg house.

VEG 1 & 2:

This is where we monitor the light cycle. At first the plants need 18 hours on and 16 hours off. Once they start flowering they need 12 on, 12 off. We also use heaters to regulate the temperature and prune periodically to encourage upward growth. The plants spend four to six weeks in the veg room. Harvest time is generally 60 days, but our plants tend to finish five to 10 days early, so 45 days within our greenhouses.


Once the plant is ready to be harvested we chop the entire plant off right at its trunk and then weigh it on a hanging scale. It stays here for roughly two weeks. We check to see if the plant is ready by bending the stem. If it bends it needs more drying time, but if it snaps we know it’s ready. They are then bucked into bins. Bucking is the process of trimming small branches or buds from the plants to increase cannabis yields. The room is monitored to keep the temperature and humidity consistent, and they utilize crank wheel tables to make life easier.

Meer Mario: The Joint Rolling Jedi

Mario has worked four years in the industry and Bald Peak is his third farm. He has been working for Chalice since 4/20/21. He rolls anywhere from 500 to 3000 joints a day. This March Mario hit some major goals, both personally and professionally. He rolled his 150,000th joint and reached an earning goal of half a million dollars for Bald Peak.

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