Hey 2021- Let’s Blow This Joint!

Its 2022 and we are ready for a new year! This year is already shaping up to be great with the announcement from the OLCC on new rec rules. Retailers are now able to sell 2 ounces a day instead of 1 to a consumer and can purchase 5 grams of cannabinoid products intended for inhalation. This means infused pre-rolls or inhalable cannabinoid products with non-cannabis additives like our flavored Private Stash cartridges. You can buy 2 ounces of flower, 3 Private Stash, and 2 infused dripstick pre-rolls- all in one day!

Now I know you have probably been asked over 20 times what your New Years resolution is, and if you are anything like me you probably haven’t even thought of one. The one thing I notice that these resolutions tend to have in common is negativity, and that is the last thing we need right now. But don’t worry we have you covered with these positive resolution’s ideas with a product pair to help enhance whatever your goals are this year.

  1. Work Out to Feel Good – A lot of people look at the New Year with the goal to lose weight, to get in shape, or something related to physically looking and feeling better. If you are looking to go to the gym more, start a workout routine/regiment, or want to drop a few pounds, the best approach is to understand and establish a relationship with physical activity to feeling good! Working out release’s endorphins and also simulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Working out is about celebrating your body and all the amazing things it can do. Exercising is something that is supposed to make you feel good, so don’t push yourself. You can’t get stronger, and you definitely can’t feel good, if you are injured or in pain. Pair your endorphin release with our Lemon Ginger 10:1 fruit chew. This chew is stronger in CBD for muscle relaxation and will help your muscles recover, as well as help elevate your “feel good” high even more! These chews are made with turmeric, which is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, they are also made with black pepper which helps the absorption of turmeric. Use this alongside our RXO line of patches, for after your workout, and you will never have felt better!
  2. Do Random Acts of Kindness- Kindness is something that we all could do with a little more of! The past few years have been a lot to say the least, and with not knowing what other people are going through this is a great way to bring a smile to others faces, as well as your own. This could be paying for the person’s coffee that is next in line, leaving positive quotes in random books in a bookstore or library, complimenting someone, picking up litter, putting coins into someone’s parking meter, etc. Our Tangerine Chews are the perfect product pair because this sativa-dominant chew produces energetic and uplifting effects. With a fun citrus flavor, and some added Maca root and B- complex, this chew is key to making your happy high last even longer.
  3. Go Somewhere You Have Never Been –This can be anywhere from 1000 miles away or 2 miles away! Somewhere new to you doesn’t need to be some extravagant trip to an island you have been longing to see, it can be something simple. It could be as simple as driving to a park you haven’t seen before, driving to that national monument or building you just never took the time to check out, checking out the beach everyone tells you has the best views, or even hiking through an arboretum or up a mountain. Getting out and changing your perspective can go a long way, in a day and age where we have been cooped up inside it can be a huge relief to have a change of scenery, especially one that is new! The best product pair for a new fresh perspective would be our Elysium Fields Dripsticks! These are infused blunts that have THCA crystals on the end, hence the name, providing a potent but purposeful high. It will be sure to secure your fun adventure as well as helping expand your new perspective!
  4. Drink More Water –60% of our bodies are made up of water, 90% of our blood is water, around 71% of the planets surface is covered in water, and water is essential to our kidneys and other bodily functions. So overall, water is essential to our day to day lives! But 43% of adults drink less than 4 cups of water per day, now there isn’t an official agreed on amount of water that you should drink, but we can all agree at least 8 cups of water a day is a healthy baseline. This is 100% my resolution this year, I am terrible at drinking water and need all the help I can get! A good way to intake water in a more fun way would be to try sparkling water or to add in some water additives like lemon, lime, cucumber, fresh berries, etc. Another good way to spice up your water is to try the Squeeze beverage enhancer by Select! Offered in Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Hint of Sweet, and Strawberry Lemonade you can just add to your water and with being dosed out at a perfect 5mg dose you can tackle your resolution no problem.
  5. Eat Healthier- One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to either eat healthier or to cook more meals at home. Eating healthier looks different to each person, this could mean cutting down on Red Bull, eating more vegetables, intaking less sugar or fat, or becoming vegan. Regardless, the key to this resolution is motivation! Having someone hold you accountable is the quickest way to achieve motivation and can also keep it fun. You can involve your family, significant other, or even best friend to help make meal plans, to brainstorm healthy recipes and to cook with. A fun way to cook healthier food is to cook with RSO! The perfect product is our RXO line of tankers, made with Rick Simpson Oil this potent concentrate comes in a syringe that is easy to dose (a little goes a long way) and is ready to add to any meal. Whether that means in a dipping sauce, a dressing, a rub, filling, etc. Sure to make cooking more fun and to spice up any recipe your meals will be way better than 2021.
  6. Talk to Yourself with Kindness – In the age of advocating for mental health this resolution is one of my favorites! It is essential to boosting self-image, self-care, and self-esteem. Self-talk or that little voice inside your head is something we pay attention to, but HOW we talk to ourselves isn’t always something we pay attention to. Talking to yourself with kindness isn’t always easy, but it isn’t impossible. One of the best ways to do this is, is to simply talk to yourself the way you talk to your friends! You wouldn’t talk down to your friends or talk rudely and you wouldn’t mentally beat up your friends, so why do it to yourself? Something that relaxes your anxiety and soothes your mind the best is our Acai Berry 1:1 fruit chew. With an equal CBD:THC ratio it is the perfect combination to relax your mind and your body. Another amazing product pair would be our Elysium Black Label 1:1 Cherry Blossom cartridge. A ratio that is soothing and because it is a cartridge you don’t have to wait because the effects are immediate!
  7. Take a Social Media Break – Social media is something that for a lot of people is essential to their lives, work, etc. but can also be degrading to mental health, relationships, and self-image. This break doesn’t have to be something drastic; it can be as simple as turning your phone off everyday at a set time. It could be dedicating a few hours without it, spending a week out of the year where there isn’t cell service, or putting your phone into airplane mode while working out. Something small, can go a long way. Instead, you could do some self-care, start that book you’ve been meaning too, spend time with family and friends screen free, or catch up on some sleep. Best product to chill out with? Our Tropical Fruit Chew all the way. An indica-dominant chew made with chamomile and passionflower to completely relax. Providing a nice body high to make your social media break well worth it.
  8. Remove clutter– This resolution can look several different ways for different people. There are a lot of things in our lives that can earn the definition of clutter. This can be organizing and cleaning your house or office to remove physical clutter, it can be removing the clutter of a toxic relationship from your life, or it could be removing mental clutter. We can get easily overwhelmed when we have a mess around us. Clearing out bad relationships, combatting negative self-talk, cleaning your home, is crucial to having better mental health and improving your mood. Our Private Stash flavored distillate cartridges are perfect for a quick head high that tastes and smells like your favorite fruit flavor! These cartridges offer more control of your high, making them useful to any situation including helping with any decluttering situation. They vary in effects from boosting your mood, to relaxing you and your body, to easing anxiety, etc. These cartridges will help promote a happy mind and give room for some more positivity in your life.
  9. Drink Less- Participating in Dry January this year? Trying to cut back on the amount of alcohol that you intake? Quitting drinking all together? This resolution can be very beneficial to your health in many ways! No hangovers are reason enough to have me checking out THC infused beverages instead! From seltzers and sparkling waters to ginger beer and colas to lemonade, there is an infused drink perfect for you. We recommend our Major drinks that are offered in a pink lemonade, orange mango, blue raspberry, grape, and passionfruit. These are easy to dose with a visible 5mg increment measurement on the side of the bottle!
  10. Develop a Skin Care Routine- A good resolution that can be tied to improving mental health and contributing to self-care, is developing a skin care routine! Skin is the largest organ in the human body and mainly functions as protection from bacteria, chemicals, temperature, and any other external factors. Establishing a routine is extremely beneficial to mental health and taking care of your skin can boost your mood by feeling refreshed, clean, and boosting confidence while reducing stress levels. It also prevents wrinkles and sunspots and slows down aging! Our amazing skin care brand Fifth and Root is organic skin care that vibes! Made with unique ingredients like CBD, superfoods, fruit enzymes, terpenes, herbs, gemstones, peptides and adaptogens. With products like the Karmic Cleanse facial exfoliator, the High Glow facial oil, Moonlight cooling face mask, and more! Made with an entourage of magical plant goodness these products will improve your skin care routine significantly!

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