Happy Holidays! We Hope You Like Stress

The holidays are fun, joyful, and a heck of a lot of stress. For some, the holidays aren't automatically the most wonderful time of year. While all of us can admire the holidays' lights, decorations, and spirit, we all ultimately feel the cost of lights, decorations, and spirit, in more ways than one. For most of us, this is felt with anxiety which happens to be one of the main reasons people turn to cannabis. 

A study conducted by Washington State University, found that smoking cannabis can be incredibly useful in reducing self-reported levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. When the stress begins to bubble up this holiday season, why not come with your favorite plant? This holiday season, we're turning to RXO, a cannabis brand well equipped to take on the challenge! 

Made in partnership with a medical team, RXO designed a patented and proprietary process to produce a complete, essential RSO oil with absolute purity and the highest efficacy. While their products have since expanded from the RSO oil, they've remained consistent and true to their mission: to deliver the highest quality medicine at the lowest price possible to most patients and recreational users alike. Today, you can pick up any of their products from their patch to their shatter and feel confident that you'll be enjoying pure, honest, full-spectrum cannabis.  

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