Get High on the Fly! Never Leave Home without Pax

If you're anything like us, you're always on the go. Whether running errands, out for a night on the town, or enjoying a hike in the mountains, there are always places to go, things to do, and people to see! And we never leave home without PAX, our favorite sleek, portable, cannabis devices, and their line of pods with choices perfect for any occasion. Read on to find out which PAX devices to grab next time you're running out the door. 

PAX 3: The company's first dual-use vaporizer can be used with your favorite flower or concentrate. This is our essential tool for camping, skiing, fishing, or anytime we're trying to connect with nature. This portable device has a built-in oven that allows you to consume the full benefits of your flower without the need for fire, and the unique technology lets you enjoy your bud without the harmful byproducts of smoke.

ERA LIFE: You'll be the life of the party the next time you show up to a soiree with your Era Life! Not only is this the sleekest and easiest vaporizer on the market, it's also the safest! This device delivers a high that's free from heavy metals, toxins, and combustion byproducts. PAX's smallest vape comes in five fun colors and fits in any pocket or handbag. But don't let it's compact size fool you, this device delivers 150 pulls per charge, so go ahead and party 'till the sun comes up!

ERA PRO: Put this at the top of your packing list for your next staycation because this baby gives you the ultimate control over your vaping experience! With four temperature settings to adjust for the perfect flavor and vapor, an instant on function, and 250 hits per charge, it's ready to go when you are. Misplace your Era Pro? No worries, the PAX app has a find my vape feature. Kids around? The app also lets you lock and unlock your device, so no one can use it without your permission. There's a curated selection of pods with a wide range of strains and flavors, and since the pods are versatile, they can be used in either your Pro or Life device. 

We know you'll love your PAX tools for their form and function alone, but they're also a company with values that you'll be proud to support. They're committed to equity and social justice in the cannabis community, and even have a line of merch that benefits the Last Prisoner Project, an organization working to free those in jail for cannabis crimes. 

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