Garden First puts the Earth First!

Garden First’s motto is “Grower Owned and Operated” and they value their impact on the environment, Earth, and Mother Nature above all else! In their minds they believe that the environment that they create for their plants encompasses more than just temperature, humidity, feed regiment, sustainable practices, but also the energy that exists within the Garden First facility!

Garden First focuses on running their business in a way that concentrates on their people and their planet. How do they do so? Well, it starts with their facility! They minimize waste in their cultivation process as well as using sustainable packaging for their products. They feel it is not only their duty to maintain these sustainable practices, but they also give back to a handful of organizations that help make our world a better place! They do so through paid volunteer hours that get their employees out into the community giving a hand and through direct donations to non-profit organizations. Which non-profits?

Friends of Trees- This is a community forestry organization that brings people together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces. Since 1989, they have planted 800,000+ trees and native shrubs in the Portland-Vancouver-Salem and Eugene-Springfield metro areas.

OneTreePlanted – This non-profit is a local planting partner that plants tree in countries around the world. This is apart of Garden First’s “3 for the Trees” campaign as well as giving 3% off all Garden First’s Puff Pack products are donated to reforestation projects in Oregon. $1 = 1 tree planted!

1% for the Planet- A global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions. As of 2021, Garden First, has committed to donating 1% of their annual revenue to approved environmental organizations.

When buying Garden First products you can rest easy knowing that they utilize sustainable practices at their facility, biodegradable, and ecological friendly packaging! Not only that but know that you are supporting multiple environmental organizations and non-profits when you purchase any Garden First products!

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