Disco Dabs: You Get Some Shatter! You Get Some Shatter! Everybody Gets Some Shatter!

Sitka Northwest was founded on the idea that getting baked shouldn't break the bank. A group of friends came together with the goal of changing the cannabis game and making the highest quality products at a price-point accessible to everyone. As the distribution company and masterminds behind Disco Dabs, Sitka has manufactured sativas like Monkey Train, indicas like Bubba Kush, and hybrids such as American Sugar, into exceptional extracts and concentrates making sure that there is a Disco Dab for everyone!

Disco Dabs are made by Oregonians that have been in the cannabis industry from the earliest days of legalization. Sitka Northwest has a background in cultivation and a passion for the plant, and has infused that passion into their culture and products. They bring fresh and innovative products to your local dispensary, including live resin crumble and crumble-infused pre-rolls. 

Not only have they made their products affordable, but they've done it with every type of consumer in mind. Haven't dabbed before because of the hassle of a rig, the integration of a torch, or the expense of dab tools? Their crumble is a great concentrate for heavy flower users to try that haven't quite stepped into the concentrate game. You don't need to invest in any dabbing equipment, you can just add to your bowl or pre-roll. The key to this is all in the name, just crumble the concentrate and use similar to how you would use kief! Why try concentrates in the first place? If you're a heavy flower user, it's all about value and delivering the same experience with a smaller dose. 

SHINING SOME LIGHT ON SHATTER: Named for it's glassy appearance and extreme breakability, shatter is a highly potent cannabis concentrate. It has gained prominence in the cannabis world, flooding social media due to its jagged edges and photographic appeal.

Shatter is most often dabbed, or vaporized, resulting in a potent, almost instantaneous high. This is beneficial, as users don't have to inhale large amounts of burning plant material.

Created using the plant's essential oils, shatter contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds.

Most shatter has a low concentration of terpenes relative to more malleable, sticky forms of concentrate, as terpenes have a sappy, rather than rigid quality. Also known as butane hash oil, or BHO, it is often created by injecting pressurized butane into finely ground flower. The butane quickly evaporates, leaving behind the concentrated, crystalline, cannabis delight. 

With Disco Dabs, Sitka has created picturesque shatter with prominent jagged edges and a polished appearance. This extract is the perfect shatter for you!

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