Conscious Communication

No matter who you are or where you come from, one thing we all can work on is communication; the link between what's going on in our brain and in the lives of those around us. Learning how to prioritize others, to understand their communication styles, and discuss contentious topics in art. Fortunately, part of our mission at Chalice is to give you tools to enhance your relationships, manage mood swings, and unlock your potential. Here are ten ways to improve communication with both family and partners in the new year.

1. Prioritize Time Together: Quality time can be difficult with busy schedules, but committing to designated time to focus on one other strengthens relationships. Set a weekly or monthly date night with your partner or plan a recurring lunch with a parent. 

2. Be Fully Present: When meeting, intentionally stay off your phone and don't let distractions make your moments less meaningful. Be playful, share a laugh, be personal, and truly enjoy one another's company.

3. Create a Joint New Year's Resolution With Your Partner: It's always great to set individual goals but making one purposeful resolution with your significant other puts meaningful energy into your relationship. You're putting in the work for yourself and them.

4. Be an Active Listener: Sometimes what someone needs from you isn't advice, just someone to listen and really hear what they are saying. Take the time to assess each situation and conversation to provide the right support or empathy.

5. Start a Fun Hobby Together: This can be as easy as taking cooking classes a few times a month or training for a triathlon. Actively doing things with one another will change your dynamic to connect in unique ways while investing in shared quality time.

6. Avoid Making Assumptions in Conversations: When you've known someone for a long time, it's easy to think you know everything they're thinking and feeling. However, this may cause you to judge situations unfairly and not give the other person what they need. Enter conversations with an open mind. 

7. Resolve Issues as Soon as Possible: Letting things blow over might seem easier since it takes a lot of energy to work through problems, but letting them pile up can lead to resentment and can make small issues bigger. Honesty and effort will make your relationship stronger and more rewarding. 

8. Use Intentional Language: Instead of placing blame when something is bothering you, try and rephrase your frustrations by explaining how it makes you feel. This helps to remind others you're working in tandem and not against each other. 

9. Remember Yourself: When you continue to butt heads despite the best intentions, it's time to look within. Are you feeling anxious? Scared? Out of control? Check in with you and what you need. Be brave and let your loved ones know what you're going through, take time for the things that uplift you, and apologize for things you've said or done out of character. 

10. Express Your Love as Much as Possible: Keeping the romance alive in your relationship starts with letting your partner know how much meaning and value they add to your life. Remember all you love about each other, say thank you, and do small things before you're asked. Show your love through words and actions. 

The Cannabis Connection: COVID-19 has left many of us with heightened social anxiety, stress, and sadness. For some, cannabis may be able to help. With over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, products can affect us and our emotions in different ways. CBD in particular is known for its potential to calm and relax. As always, if you're considering marijuana for medical use, please consult a professional about the best product and dosage for you.  

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