Chalice Farms X Friends of Trees: Community Rebuild Collaboration

It's no secret that Oregon has had an unfortunate decade-long trend of severe wildfires. Extreme drought coupled with dry underbrush accumulation creates more prolonged and more destructive fires that leave our state as a whole nervous and our firefighters exhausted. 

As both a cannabis company that cultivates indoor and outdoor cannabis and native Oregonians, we know we have to do our part in restoring (and protecting) our communities and building back what we've lost. This year, Chalice Farms is teaming up with Friends of Trees to help them with their goal of "planting trees and developing healthy communities together." Here's everything you need to know about our partnership. 

What is Friends of Trees? 

A nonprofit organization, Friends of Trees' mission is "to bring people together to plant, care for, and learn about trees and green spaces in Pacific Northwest communities." To carry out this mission, Friends of Trees organizes a number of activities, including bringing volunteers together for tree-planting and tree-care activities for city streets, urban natural areas, and school areas. 

Richard Seidman founded Friends of Trees in 1989 after being inspired by a national Global ReLeaf Program. A Portland resident, Seidman wanted to form an organization that benefited the environment and brought the community members together through planting trees in Portlands' natural areas and neighborhoods. 

Clearly, his dream came to fruition because today, Friends of Trees is nationally recognized and is a regional leader in bettering the urban tree canopy and restoring sensitive natural areas. Since 2012, Friends of Trees has planted 870,000 trees and native shrubs in 120+ communities in six counties across California, Arizona, and Oregon. It is important to note that this incredible feat has been possible due to one of Friends of Trees' founding pillars: bringing community members together. 

Why trees?

Trees are more important than ever. Climate change has increased the risk of numerous disasters, including heatwaves, floods, and, you guessed it, wildfires. Trees are known for their cooling and cleansing effects, and with rising temperatures, one can easily see how essential Friends of Trees work is to improving our natural environment and fighting climate change. 

Whether Friends of Trees and their team of community members are helping to grow the urban canopy by planting street and yard trees or aiding in restoring sensitive natural areas by planting native trees and shrubs, Friends of Trees play a vital role in Oregon's livability.

Chalice Farms X Friends of Trees Collaboration 

Seeing the effects Friends of Trees has had both on our natural environment and in bringing our Oregon community together, Chalice Farms is excited to partner with Friends of Trees to help them on their mission. As a part of the partnership, Chalice Farms will be selling two .5g pre-rolls, one for you and a fellow friend, with a portion of the proceeds going to the funding of planting trees. So when you buy our two .5g pre-roll pack, know you're doing something to bring us together as a community and for our environment. 


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