You Deserve A Mindcation | Concrete Jungle

Life is getting increasingly more expensive, seemingly by the minute. Sometimes even taking a daycation feels out of reach. While we wish we could provide you with a way to make that daycation happen, unfortunately, we're in the same boat as you: we're also attempting to conserve the gas in our cars for
emergency-only usage.

However, we bring you a more affordable but equally delightful alternative: the Mindcation. Like a massage for your mind, a Mindcation provides some much-needed R&R for your brain if you are overloaded from work, life, or studying.

While we each have our coping mechanisms to get the much-needed relief, our personal tip is to relax with the help of Concrete Jungle's Cartridges. Perfect for customizing your Mindcation to the relief you need, Concrete Jungles have adjustable airflow, a ceramic cell heating element, and hardware explicitly built for thicker oils. A quality experience at an affordable price, a Mindcation doesn't sound too bad after all, now does it?



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