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Thank you for the music

When many think about the 1970s, the visual image that comes to mind is Woodstock. A cultural touchstone, Woodstock brought together half a million people living in peace for three days. Together they united to share food, music, and of course, a whole lot of weed. A cultural festival unlike any we have today, Woodstock was the peak of a youth movement that felt like it could transform the world.

The core of Woodstock was music. Acts were immortalized as icons of the era, delivering the performances of their lives or launching their careers. And while it is undeniable that Woodstock was a significant moment in music history, many often don't realize that the 1970s were packed with all sorts of music. In fact, the 1970s created an eclectic musical bridge between the rebelliousness of the 1960s and the cheerful songs of the 1980s, with multiple musical genres that are all deserving of a closer look.

As cannabis enthusiasts, we thought we'd bring the often forgotten genres to life by relating them to cannabis products we all know and love. Of course, we chose the brand Rogue River to do just that. Because, like music was the core of Woodstock, Rogue River is the core of how cannabis is intended. Dedicated to cultivating the best sun-grown cannabis on the market, Rogue River is a family-owned cannabis farm that happens to be one of only 15 brands in Oregon that are Certified Kind. They are the real deal, a brand that contains the core elements of cannabis. Without further ado, here are the ‘70s musical genres worthy of a listen.


If ABBA isn't immediately coming to mind, you might just be too young. After the contentious nature of the Vietnam era, many people sought refuge from political and social unrest in dance clubs as a place to have a good time, escape, and listen to disco music. And if you’re looking for an escape, one hit of Rogue River Magic Melon will do just that! Aptly named after its magical effects, Magic Melon is a burst of euphoria with an entire body high.


A form of rhythmic, danceable music, funk emerged in the mid-1960s by melding soul, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Funk music is characterized by syncopated bass lines and continuous, contagious drum grooves and is, well, funky. In many ways, funk music is a choose your own adventure with a range of different styles fitting into one genre, which reminded us of Mixtape. Like the eclectic mix of sounds coming together, Mixtape is a hybrid that combines the best qualities of sativa and indica for a soothing high with depth.


Soul music comprises gospel, rhythm and blues, and jazz, and is characterized by an intensity of feeling and vocal embellishments. The only other “thing” that can give you the same sensation as soul is Rogue River’s Key Lime Pie, a strain that will mellow your mind and help you relax into sweet bliss and happiness.


In the 1950s and 1960s, pop music comprised rock and roll and youth-oriented influences. Rock and pop music remained roughly interchangeable until the late 1960s, after which pop became associated with more commercial, ephemeral, and accessible music. Pop, short for popular, is a musical genre that’s always in style, just like Rogue River’s Jazz pack. After a boost of euphoria and an overwhelming sense of happiness and laughter, Jazz will have you smiling ear to ear.


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