Belushi's Farm 2.0

Belushi's Farm

Belushi’s Farm is coming in hot this year. To address the issues that resulted in a challenging growing season, Chris Karakosta, farm general manager, turned to a cannabis cultivation consultant for guidance. Now, the farm has been entirely overhauled with state-of-the-art greenhouses furnished with Fuse LED grow lights.

Created as a gateway to healing, Belushi's Farm has been cultivating sun-grown, all-natural, rigorously tested cannabis since its purchase in 2015. What started as a 48-plant crop farm, Jim's farm is now a thriving cannabis business, especially since its overhaul. Belushi’s Farm 2.0 just celebrated its first harvest since the new updates, and Jim Belushi himself is now a believer in the latest technology.

But of course, at the heart of Belushi's Farm, regardless of its updates, is still a mission that is much more meaningful than just selling the highest amount of cannabis: a desire to help others.

Want to see how the sausage is made? (And by sausage, we mean cannabis.) Well, look no further than the Discovery Channel, because there you can watch "Growing Belushi." This season, we look forward to tuning into Jim Belushi's evolution from boutique cultivator to multistate business operator, all while continuing Belushi's mission of spreading awareness of the healing power of cannabis.



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