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A Friend with Weed is a Friend Indeed

In today's world, there is a lot of division, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. When’s the last time the news put you in a good mood? But there's one thing that can bring us together: cannabis.
We prefer cannabis from companies who are making premium pot while also doing good. Viola is a purpose-driven company, focusing on community engagement and support. They work with local and national organizations committed to reinvesting into communities in which they operate. They focus on creating jobs, enacting policy reform, increasing diversity, education, community engagement, and social programs.

It’s companies like Viola who are working to destigmatize the cannabis industry and narrow the gap between enthusiasts and skeptics. There are many lessons we can take from them and apply to our own lives.


Cannabis makes you more excited to learn and discover new things. In many ways, it allows you to free yourself from stress and anxiety and focus on the moment. Weed stimulates creativity, allowing you to be more open-minded to ideas, maybe even helping users connect with someone who has an entirely different life, beliefs, and opinions.
Have someone in your life you don't quite understand? Grab a Viola preroll and talk about your differences. Available in 1g singles and 3.5g 10-packs, Viola prerolls use the whole flower for a convenient, full-flower experience.


A plant with a tumultuous history, cannabis is only recently earning respect and consideration as a safe alternative to alcohol and a viable medicine. Weed consumers know what it's like to be accepted in some places and demonized in others; therefore the cannabis community is incredibly welcoming of everyone. In fact, women and the LGBTQ+ community, specifically trans people of color, have been crucial in the foundation of the legal cannabis industry. They were the first California trailblazers who fought for legal access to medicinal cannabis.

Grab some of Viola's flower, which uses a proprietary process to produce some of the best buds in the industry, and sit with people who accept you exactly as you are. Are they fellow tokers? We thought so.


Experience suggests that couples that blaze together stay together, and we agree with that theory. Cannabis decreases anxiety and stress, which are two things that often contribute to disagreements.
Additionally, cannabis is known for enhancing intimacy and sensuality and increasing communication. How you and your partner choose to use cannabis to bring you together is up to you, but we suggest Viola Live Resin. You can't go wrong using the cryogenically frozen and extracted concentrate from the cannabis flower.



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