What's in a Name?

Weed. Cannabis. Dank.

Our favorite plant goes by many names; there are over 1,000 slang terms to refer to the reefer. And while there are some wildly creative monikers floating around, there are a few names that cannabis enthusiasts, like us, think it's time to stop using. Here are two:

Dope - A term that is no longer widely used, dope is a common term to refer to drugs en masse, like meth, opium, and heroin.

Marijuana - Yup, even this one. The term became popular in the American lexicon in the 1930s to demonize the plant for anti-immigration propaganda purposes.

Only by eliminating these negative and racist terms can we truly transform the cannabis industry. With an inclusive vocabulary for cannabis, we can welcome more people into the space and remove the unfair stigmatization. We owe it to brands like sofresh farms.

On a journey to "promote health through the regenerative cultivation and delivery of exceptional quality cannabis,"sofresh is Clean Green Certified and nobly strives to create a more socially and environmentally healthy alternative to prescription drugs. Harvesting cannabis on their small family farm in the northern Willamette Valley, sofresh has established and sustained industry-leading quality, social, and environmental standards.

So do us a favor, let's end the stigma and stop using these two words and if you don't do it for us, do it for sofresh.

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