Go Girls, Go Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation has historically been a male-dominated industry, but it's time to change that. More and more women are entering the cannabis game and breaking the glass ceiling. 

Here are some of the ways women are moving the industry in the right direction!


Women helping women is something we'll never get tired of hearing about. As more research has come to light about the health benefits of cannabis for women, female-led organizations have been at the forefront of campaigns to legalize weed. 


When you can’t find something, ask your mom. When you're confused or overwhelmed, talk to your mom. Moms are always right, and are therefore leading the way to cannabis destigmatization. If moms begin treating cannabis consumption like drinking wine, we’re well on our way to complete societal acceptance.


The benefits of cannabis go beyond traditional medical and recreational use. CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids have expanded into many over-the-counter wellness, skincare, and beauty products. Powered by the open-mindedness of women, cannabis is now available in various products ranging from shampoos to joint cream. 

Our takeaway? Time to start supporting women-owned cannabis businesses. One of our favorites: Meraki Gardens. A female-owned and family-operated indoor garden, Meraki is passionate about organic cultivation and proud to be Clean Green Certified and Kosher Certified. Focusing on sustainable growing practices and finding ways to lower their carbon footprint, Meraki Gardens gives every plant the same amount of love and attention to create an experience filled with good vibrations and a high you'll never forget. 

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