Get the Good Stuff

Today, buying cannabis is easy. But it’s still hard to tell the difference between good and bad weed. We’ve made a cheat sheet on what to look for (you're welcome). 

1. Smell & taste

Good cannabis is something you can immediately smell. Bad bud essentially doesn't smell like much, but has been said to have the faint aroma of grass and hay.

2. Trichomes

From vibrant green to dark purple, high-quality bud comes in a wide range of colors. Focus on the crystals on the surface of the flower, the more crystals you can see, the higher the THC content. Higher THC equals stronger effects, smell, and flavor. 

3. Texture

Your cannabis should ideally be a mix of wet and sticky. But run if your bud feels dusty, your flower will dry out and burn far too fast. Pro tip: If your buds are fairly new but dry, put half an apple in a Ziploc with your weed overnight, the flower will absorb the moisture and be fluffy the next day. 

4. Trim, Stems, & Seeds

While this doesn't necessarily confirm good or bad weed, it does say a few things. The thicker the bud, the better, but a well-trimmed bud without extra leaves or stems proves that your cannabis was packaged with care.

5. Contaminants

This might go without saying, but if you see any mold or bugs before lighting up, you might have contaminated bud. TOSS. If this all sounds like a lot of work, there is an easy way out, buy cannabis from Orekron. Founded in 2012, their mission is to deliver the best products at the best value. Their motto is, "Weed is good, good weed is better." With 35years in the business, Orekron knows more than just a thing or two about what it takes to cultivate premium cannabis. Regardless of whether you go with their flower, live resin cartridges, dabs, or pre-rolls, you know you'll have the best with OreKron. 




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